Open University In Scotland Outcome Agreement

Expanding access to higher education and improving success in higher education (HE) are at the heart of the Open University`s (OU) mission. Our goal is to help students, regardless of their context, realize their potential and fulfill their ambitions. In each of the four nations of the United Kingdom, we are working to achieve our mission for social justice and to meet the requirements of the objectives of the National Promotion Council. Our 2020-2025 Access, Participation and Success Strategy offers the university`s strategic approach of helping students from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds access universities and achieve equitable results. An information implementation plan on the implementation of the strategy`s six strategic priorities will be developed in 2019/20. For more information on national activities, see links on the right. These objectives are not only about access to students, but also about achieving the same results. Our approach is inclusive and recognizes that “one size fits all” and is informed by the results of research, fellowships and evaluation projects. We use the results of this activity to inform our own practices and exchange best practices across the UK ET sector. Part-time education expands access to higher education and has a direct economic impact. 18% of our new students join the OU in Scotland without standard qualifications for access to higher education. You should request the transfer before registering, at least four weeks before the registration deadline.

We need to know what you studied, where and when, and you need to provide original evidence for your previous study. We compare this with the results of your chosen qualifications and inform you of each prize. To apply, please send an email to with your name, personal student ID and current module code. The university`s open hospitality policy offers the possibility to many people who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend a traditional university. Our Level 4 or SCQF7 introductory modules allow students to develop confidence in their academic and study skills in order to prepare them for further studies OR. Our Access program offers a unique support model, 30 Level 0 credits, for students who have not been trained for some time and who need additional support to build their confidence before undertaking full education. Access modules are offered at half price by standard OR modules and many students benefit from a total waiver of fees if household income criteria are met. Ou is committed to promoting educational opportunities and social justice through our innovative and sustained open learning, supported by world-class academic research. A step-by-step guide and a disability allowance (DSA) application video can be found on the following help page (from September 2020, there will be an online application process): result agreements define what universities intend to provide in exchange for their funding from the Scottish Funding Council.

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