Kwantlen Faculty Association Collective Agreement

Check out the new KFacts/Getting to Know Your Collective Agreement in…/whats-the-difference-between-an-nr1-a…/)! We hope it will be interesting for everyone, but non-ordinary faculties and regular faculties in department research committees may find it particularly useful. Below is the current agreement and previous agreements. Unfortunately, academics with five- or six-figure salaries are rarely seen in reality. A recent survey of more than 2,600 contracted university faculty members conducted by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) shows that many of them are also struggling to pay their bills. Like the students who teach them, many professors work several jobs, have zero job security and suffer in silence. The Toronto Star reported that 53 per cent of contract faculties want tenure or full-time tenure, but Davis reiterates that budgetary constraints are affecting the ability of universities to authorize these promotions. Kwantlen Polytechnic University is less dependent on session professors than most other universities in the lower continent. For example, as of January 2018, the PPU had approximately 610 full-time faculties and only 93 faculties under contract. The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE), with approximately 10,000 strong members, is a collective of unions across the province.

Like the CAUT, they are fighting for greater job security for higher education teachers. In the past, contract workers were considered replacement workers with lower workloads and responsibilities than their full-time employees. Today, however, these faculty members often perform similar tasks because contract officers want to improve their chances of obtaining full-time assistance. In an email to The Runner, KPU Provost and Academic Vice President Dr. Sal Ferreras wrote, “At EEP, we work hard to create the conditions that will allow us to maintain the dedicated and dedicated faculty needed to teach students in small classrooms that focus on educational and experiental crossroads, where thought meets action.” Nevertheless, Bose`s experience as a session teacher has been largely positive due to the support practices of UBC`s English department. Nevertheless, contract faculties are “always vulnerable.” “16 years of previous government and budget reserves in collective bargaining – even the reluctance to negotiate – have made it very difficult to track the cost of living,” says Davis.

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