Hire Agreement Nz

41. If the vehicle/trailer is returned to a different location from the one indicated in the agreement, a minimum fine of $500 may be calculated at the sole discretion of the owners in addition to the current daily rental rate. (k) where non-compensation and/or theft is applicable, the amount for which the customer is responsible is determined in accordance with this contract; (l) loading costs when devices rented with an hourly meter are used for more than 8 hours per day. 15.The Tenant acknowledges and authorizes that all fees mentioned in clauses 4 to 14 be debited from the credit card provided for all payments related to this agreement and that the landlord agrees to debit the card immediately (or at his discretion) for the applicable deductible. If the designated credit card is refused, the tenant must immediately provide another credit card or payment method. Remote Space – Each location that is plus is 50 kilometres from the Kennard building, from where the equipment is rented. 7.5 The customer must ensure that Kennards provides up-to-date information on subletting at all times, including the identity of the subtenant, billing and subletting conditions, as well as the location and condition of the device. 9.2 If the CGA applies and the equipment is leased for commercial purposes, the CGA is excluded to the extent permitted by law. (“PPSA”) is formed with respect to the equipment made available to the customer under this contract, whether created or provided for by a lease agreement for more than one year or by other means (“security interests”), so the terms of this clause apply 7. Applicable Law 53.

New Zealand law regulates these rental conditions. Dispute resolution 11. The tenant must deliver the vehicle to the operator`s or the operator`s operating location after or after the expiry of the tenancy period, as shown on page 1 of this agreement, or obtain the operator`s approval for the continuation of the rent (in this case, the tenant must pay an additional rental fee for the extended tenancy period). If the tenant does not comply with this clause 11, the tenant is liable for the additional costs associated with the late return of the vehicle. 33. The tenant is responsible for the punctures, damage to tires or rims that occur during the life of rent 1. The owner will rent and support the vehicle or trailer described here and designated as the vehicle or trailer. Kennards may ask the customer to pay the device waiver fee plus for the rental of medium and large devices, but the customer may decide to opt out of this payment. Credit account customers will apply The Waiver Plus Equipment to all relevant contracts, unless the customer has refused to waive the credit application form or has opted out by written notification to Kennards. The reduced non-damage surplus and excess non-theft that apply to medium and large aircraft when non-equipment charges are paid more are specified in the lease and vary for different types of machines. (e) The vehicle/trailer is driven or rented by a person who, at the time of arrival or rental of the vehicle or trailer, is excluded from possession or has never had a driver`s license suitable for this vehicle 8.3 The customer may pay an additional fee for the vehicle waiver (with the exception of customers with a limited driver`s license) with respect to the rental of motor vehicles which: h) The trailer is operated outside the agreed rental or renewal period.

It was agreed between the landlord and the tenant that section 11 of the Insurance Reform Act would apply to previous exclusions, as if this clause constituted an insurance contract. 39. If the vehicle or trailer is left in a location other than the bigoron, the contract is terminated when the vehicle or trailer has been recovered, brought back to the fork point and inspected.

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