Credit Agreement 2019

[4] The Respondent makes the following statements in the insurance under oath regarding Limine`s point. The applicant`s plea is based on an AoD in which payment is deferred for a period of 60 days from the date of signature of the AoD, in accordance with clause 4 of the AoD, with an interest rate of 18% per annum for the corresponding amounts. Those AoD conditions therefore make the agreement a credit agreement within the meaning of Article 8(4) of the NCA. In previous transactions, the respondent`s applicant had a “pre-credit credit” in which payments were deferred and outstanding amounts were remunerated at an interest rate of 10% per month. The respondent, while acknowledging that the previous loans were no longer outstanding, submits that this shows that the applicant has advanced credit agreements on R500,000.00 and that the applicant actively and regularly pre-claims loans, as provided for in the NCA. .

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