Cockburn Cement State Agreement

“The Morrison government should also ask Alcoa for an explanation. Neither the state nor the federal government should allow Alcoa to get away with such a destructive measure without a very clear and detailed explanation. It`s too destructive to get through. Alcoa has informed Cockburn Cement, the cement and lime supplier for WA`s mining, agricultural and construction industry – that this 50-year relationship has ended and that the company intends to purchase its lime from June 2021 from offshore suppliers. “This decision will have an effect far beyond this treaty alone. Alcoa makes billions of dollars in profits from our state`s mineral wealth. The least the company can do is continue to support the VA economy by extending existing local contracts. Sediments in the marine environment function in well-known and scientifically recognized “sedimentary cells”. Owen Anchorage is inside the sedimentary cell known as RO6D. A number of reports are publicly available, in which there have been no results linking Cottesloe`s coastal changes to Cockburn Cement`s naval activities. “Shellsand is the natural resource for lime production from Cockburn Cement to Munster.

Lime is an important part of the day-to-day operation of some of Western Australia`s major industries in terms of export earnings and employment, particularly alumina processing and gold mining. COCKBURN CEMENT MARINE OPERATIONS IMPORTANT FACTS AND QUOTES “Alcoa has been affecting limestone for nearly fifty years locally by Cockburn Cement. This decision removes the ground from under the feet of a local Australian producer and hundreds of workers and families who depend on these commodity jobs. “Michael Gollchevsky should be dragged in front of Mark McGowan and forced to explain why he decided to dig a $70 million hole in the VA economy at that time. This is a difficult time for the VA and this decision is a slap in the face for the local community who have worked together to address this crisis. “The Environmental Protection Authority has authorized our naval operations and they have been monitored and regulated annually by the state government for many years, with no evidence that there is a connection to Perth`s north beaches.” “The union understands that Cockburn Cement currently supplies about half a million tonnes of lime per year to Alcoa, and this wrong decision could lead to significant job losses at the plant. This will severely affect our members who deserve better,” Gandy said. Versions of this law (including consolidations, re-educations and “As passed” versions) Shellsand is back at Woodman Point (see map) to be washed and transported by pipeline to Cockburn Cement`s plants in Munster…

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