Chiller Maintenance Agreement

After commissioning, AHI Carrier devices are covered by the warranty. Regular maintenance of the refrigeration machine is essential to meet AHI Carrier`s manufacturing warranty requirements. In 1983, Major Air created an all-inclusive agreement. This agreement covered all problems that could arise with a refrigeration machine or building equipment. The price was high, but it was a quality deal. Over time, customers and other contractors have decided to reduce the costs of this type of agreement by inserting exclusions into the contract. Today, the contract is called Comprehensive Contract. Costs vary depending on the outbreak. At Major Air, we exclude sudden and accidental breakdowns that are very costly. Major Air recommends that every customer cover their mechanical equipment with insurance. Most of the problems are leaks, control problems, sensor swaps, etc. The exclusions keep costs low, but cover many of the average additional costs of operating a refrigeration machine.

An inspection and maintenance contract will be adapted to your needs. It may contain annual maintenance, pen commissioning, a number of monthly inspections, autumn shutdown, capacitor cleaning, cooling tower maintenance, cooling tower inspections, pump maintenance and pump inspections, steam turbine maintenance and steam turbine inspections, as well as inspections and maintenance of all mechanical equipment that you wish to include in your agreement. It may also include non-destructive testing such as oil analysis, refrigerant analysis, vibration analysis, vertebral tube analysis, overload calibration tests, solid body start overload tests, dielectric absorption tests, and infrared thermoscans. .

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