Any Agreement On Unemployment Extensions

While executive orders can be used to bring some relief to the nearly 30 million unemployed Americans and those who might face forced evictions, it won`t move the needle during a second stimulus check. To do this, Congress and the White House must reach an increasingly dubious comprehensive agreement. But one thing is clear. None of the implementing regulations hinted at by the White House include a second stimulus check, which can only be approved and paid with the passage of a law by Congress and a signature by Trump. Although Democrats, Republicans and White House officials agree on the need for a second direct payment to Americans, a second stimulus check appears to be the victim of stalled negotiations on other aspects of aid. In a speech in the Senate, McConnell accused congressional Democrats of dropping increased unemployment benefits. No Democrat voted to change the law. Republicans Cory Gardner, Republicans from Colorado, and Rand Paul, Republicans from Kentucky, joined Democrats in rejecting the motion and eleven senators did not vote. Tense negotiations between White House officials and Democratic leaders on the next coronavirus stimulus package now appear to be at a standstill again. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin left the office of House speaker Nancy Pelosi after another marathon meeting without a deal. “Unfortunately, we have not made progress,” Mnuchin told reporters. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who was also part of the meeting, repeated Mnuchin`s sentiments and said, “It was a disappointing meeting.” Democrats and Republicans have been working for weeks on the details of a new coronavirus stimulus proposal before going on hiatus (August 7).

Three proposals are on the table, but the three negotiating parties (Democrats, Republicans and the White House) have yet to agree on exactly how to take stimulus measures and their generosity as the coronavirus pandemic continues to weigh on the US economy. Any new bills are expected to extend the additional unemployment benefits, which expired on July 31. In recent days, countries like Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and West Virginia have reported that they will likely try to get additional unemployment benefits limited to their unemployed, with dozens more expected to follow. This weekend, feMA said Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana and New Mexico had agreed to make the benefits available to residents. In nightly negotiations with Democrats in Congress on Thursday, White House officials proposed a short-term extension of the popular unemployment benefit that pays $600 a week to unemployed Americans, a CARES Act provision that formally expires Friday. But House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer rejected the offer, arguing that Republicans don`t understand the situation requires a greater solution. M. Meadows said President Trump would support a flat week-long extension of the $600 benefit to give lawmakers time to negotiate a longer deal. But Democrats rejected an attempt by Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally to get approval for such an extension, with Schumer dismissing the efforts as a “stunt” in the Senate. He compared the negotiations with the Republicans to the attempt to nail Jell-O to the wall, Mr. . .


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